• A healthy skin – What more do you want?

    A healthy skin – What more do you want

    Today I am writing this blog to share my experience with you guys and so that you can learn from my mistakes and get into the right path. I had been struggling with acne lately and that phase of my life was terrible. My face disappeared in acne but I somehow watched out my routine and diet and hormonal imbalances which made the acne vanish. However, using a number of acne products on my face made my skin loses its tightness and became saggy. Also, I treated my wrinkles with Dermaheal HSR that began to appear after using numerous uncountable anti-acne products on my skin. The key goal for me was to find a reputable distributor finally I was able to fine one.

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  • BELOTERO® FAMILY – Compare and Contrast

    BELOTERO® FAMILY – Compare and Contrast

    Belotero® has a huge family of products ranging from Belotero® soft to intense including Belotero® hydro, Belotero® balance and Belotero® volume. Belotero® family is made so that very skin problem is treated individually according to the need and requirements of skin. If the skin has become too dehydrated, then Belotero® Hydro is on the go. If the skin has deep facial folds then Belotero® Intense is waiting for your approval of appointment. Similarly, the other products are made to perform their specific functions in order to get a young looking, beautiful and flawless skin.

    We have an extensive guide about Belotero products which you can buy from here: http://hyaldirect.com/product/72/Belotero+Hydro/

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  • Croma Princess Filler is the best dermal filler for your skin

    A few decades before, people used to get their skin go through a lot of a hustle for bringing them into shape or for getting an extraordinary clear and clean skin.  Now days, it does not seems more than a game with dermal fillers. Where plastic surgeries took more than 3 hours to complete, dermal fillers takes less than an hour to complete.

    Dermal fillers is a completely non-surgical treatment that takes less time, less efforts, less energy of both patient and the practitioner. It is a non-permanent treatment that you need to get renewed after every 9-12 months, depending on your skin condition and type.

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