Belotero® has a huge family of products ranging from Belotero® soft to intense including Belotero® hydro, Belotero® balance and Belotero® volume. Belotero® family is made so that very skin problem is treated individually according to the need and requirements of skin. If the skin has become too dehydrated, then Belotero® Hydro is on the go. If the skin has deep facial folds then Belotero® Intense is waiting for your approval of appointment. Similarly, the other products are made to perform their specific functions in order to get a young looking, beautiful and flawless skin.

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BELOTERO® FAMILY – Compare and Contrast


Belotero® Hydro is particularly designed to make your skin get back the lost moisture and hydration. There are times when skin loses it elasticity, it happens because of dehydration in skin and skin shrinkage began to appear wrinkles on face. So it is important to get your skin treated with Belotero® Hydro injections that is going to make your skin hydrated again.


These are injections that are used to treat deep facial folds in the dermis of skin. Due to the tissue folding inside skin, appear deep wrinkles and lines on face which looks unhealthy and distressful. The injections of Belotero® Intense makes your tissues folding inside skin vanish away within just 2-3 sittings. The effects may last for 6-9 months depending on the condition of skin. However, you need to get yourself checked by a dermatologist twice every year. This product truly enhances your lips contours and other contour areas of the face, making it look young again.


Belotero® Volume is made to uplift your skin. As a kid, we all have a cubby face which is full of cheeks and everyone keeps on pulling them. But as we grow up, we began to lose the tightness and plumpness in our skin. This product helps in restoring back the lost volume in face areas like cheeks, chin, temples etc.

You do not have to roam to places for getting above products. You can easily get them from an online store, They are working really well in providing a high quality product and have developed a trust worthy bond between vendors and buyers.