Today I am writing this blog to share my experience with you guys and so that you can learn from my mistakes and get into the right path. I had been struggling with acne lately and that phase of my life was terrible. My face disappeared in acne but I somehow watched out my routine and diet and hormonal imbalances which made the acne vanish. However, using a number of acne products on my face made my skin loses its tightness and became saggy. Also, I treated my wrinkles with Dermaheal HSR that began to appear after using numerous uncountable anti-acne products on my skin. The key goal for me was to find a reputable distributor finally I was able to fine one.

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A healthy skin – What more do you want

I had pretty clear skin but about a year ago, my skin decided to change. It started to give rise to pimples and acne. So I went to see my dermatologist and talked to him about my skin. He basically gave me a topical gel to apply on my skin. It was like 5% benzoyl peroxide gel. He also gave me antibiotics to help calm down my pimples. I have also tried a lot of different topical treatments for my skin. And they did work. They did help and I was fortunate that within a year, my skin started getting back to normal. This time the problem was something else. Due to applying a number of chemically oriented creams, my skin started losing its glossiness and shine. Also, it became droopy and I noticed wrinkles on my face at the age of 26.

I tried to cure it from outsourced means but it did not go away. So I decided to use dermal filler for treating my skin issue. I researched and found out Dermeheal HSR; as it is hyaluronic acid based and it simply brings back the lost nourishment and elasticity back. I had to get original products so I chose for purchasing them.

My skin has now become very much dehydrated due to its hyaluronic acid formation. I have got back my lost hydration and shine on my skin. Most importantly, I have got my clear and uplifted skin back, free from fine lines. Clearly, after getting healthy skin back one again; I don’t want anything else now.